My Skills

In CMS, my expertise is in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Concrete 5. I have developed plugins in WordPress and custom components for different Joomla(2.5x/3x) versions.

In eCommerce, I code in MagentoPrestaShopOSCommerceOpenCart, ZenCart, CRE-Loaded Commerce, CS-Cart.

In Flash, I work in Action Script 3, Adobe Flash Pro and Autodesk Maya 3D.

I also develop collaborative apps and integration of real-time chat, video conferencing/chat , various payment and shipping methods.

You can also contact me if you want to make your Portfolio or if your company needs a Portal Websites, forums, ticketing system or simply a Project Management System.

My expertise and interest lies in front-end technologies, including HTML/5, CSS/3, Flash, JavaScript (as well as frameworks like jQuery, AjaxMooTools, Bootstrap and Dojo Toolkit). My server-side skills revolve around PHP-MySQL, Perl and Python. In this connection, my interest also lies in SEO Techniques and responsive websites.

I enjoy dabbling in mobile development and edge devices and environments. Most of the time I buried in my text editor and play in the core of Magento and CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

In short – I design the sites and make them work.